Finley Puleo Boyle was a exuberant three and a half year old girl who tragically lost her life due to a severe overdose of sedative medications administered recklessly by her Dentist during a routine dental procedure. The overdose of medications caused her to stop breathing and she suffered severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen. Finley slipped into a coma Dec 3, 2013 and passed away Jan 3, 2014. 

     When referring to "Finley's Law" at this stage in our awareness campaign, there is more than just the idea of legislature behind those words. There is also a sense of hope for a universal "code of conduct" if you will, that parents will now think of when they enter a dentists office. Whether they had the pleasure of knowing Finley or not they will remember that infectious smile and remember her story. If parents feel empowered to question and push to be informed of things they may not have known previously, then we are already one step closer to our goal. Read more... 

Our mission is to raise awareness of the lack of pediatric dental sedation protocols in dentists offices across the US, starting here in HI.  We believe these laws should apply to outpatient clinics as well-any clinic that administers sedation. Additionally we want to expose the false advertising in the US Dental field. Many dentists promote themselves as "Pediatric" Dentist without having the additional schooling and certification required. 

Our Goal  is to promote changes in laws that put necessary regulations and protocols into place, specifically regarding oral pediatric sedation in dentistry. If regulations are in place nationally and enforced, tragedies like this can be avoided. That is our hope and ultimate goal, please check back regularly for updates on our progress. Mahalo for your support! 

- Ashley Puleo Boyle 

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Finley's Law